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"Plus size"
-Curvy  -Fun size  -Sexy Size
Whichever term works for you, Own it! 
Hello, my name is Jaquaya. I am 5 foot 1in. (I like to say, 61 inches) and observably over-weight. My scale tips over 200 lbs. a little more than I would like. Most of you read that in disdain or are saying you yourself, "then do something about it; whereas most of you recognize yourself in it. Those are the people I am talking to and yes, I am not afraid to say, "the Women" I am talking to. The objection of women in the United States is astounding and globally horrendous yet, this is the world we live in and to go on is a totally different post.
My weight has fluctuated throughout my life. I had severe Asthma as a child and had to take steroids 3 times a day. My mother was always supportive through it all and started placing me in physical activity to get my body moving. Before high school there was: cheerleading, softball, karate and volleyball. Once I was old enough t…

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