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You Do, deserve him. {An ode to love}

Good morning, well it is here on the East coast, but more importantly Good day! It has taken me a while to find something that I truly want to write about. During last night’s pillow talk, when I am most comfortable and a tad more vulnerable, I begin to open up to the love in my life. We are in Year 3 of this wonderful journey. The First was definitely the roughest but we made it through. Year 2 also had a few stumbles but like anything that matters, if you want it enough, you will work on it. And now, there are only little things and miscommunications that occur from time to time from 2 individuals that are similar but not alike. So, actually this A.M as I am sitting at work, it comes to me: “You Do deserve him.” For a long time because of the way I may have treated men in my past and also the way I had been treated, when this all began, I did not feel the same way. I would tell him all the time, “I don’t deserve you” and he, so kindly would be confused. To be honest, I was a bit con…

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